Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training

The Embodied Tantra Facilitator Certification is an internationally recognized, professional coaching training for you. If you’re seeking to become a coach, or expand your coaching skills, in the domain of Embodiment, Sexuality and Tantra Techniques from a Trauma- informed perspective this training is for you.

The Embodied Tantra Certification is an internationally recognized, professional coaching training for you. If you’re seeking to become a coach, or expand your coaching skills, in the domain of Embodiment, Sexuality & Tantra  Techniques integrating Trauma- informed touch and pleasure. 

A Truly Integrated Training in Relationship, Intimacy and Sex.

"Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training moves the center of learning from the head into the body, giving you and your clients access to all aspects of your intelligence—intellectual, emotional, spiritual, sensual and physical."

Is Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training Certificate for you?

Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training is for you if you are →

A Coach, Therapist or Educator looking to facilitate change, and want simple effective tools for working with the body, intimacy & sex  (online and in-person) while developing your own Embodied practice.

Social Entrepreneur Healer, Parent, or other Caretaker who needs to stay centered as you support others.

Anyone wanting to profoundly develop their own embodiment.

What will you learn in this course?

Let’s discover together in this guided Eight-month exploration!

Pile of Books

Get a comprehensive, thorough and integrated emotional, relational and sexual education — the kind so few of us received growing up but need so badly as adults.

Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection and free sexuality through trust and self-awareness.

A solid daily embodied practice for long enough to establish a habit.

Five simple yet profound practical coaching tools to work with clients immediately

Access to a community of support and accountability (including after the course)

Shift your relationships from fear to trust to explore your deepest longings around intimacy, love and partnership.

Rediscover your erotic innocence and wildness in a space of trust, permission and creativity.

Transform your personal fear, shame, and trauma around who you are as a sexual being.

Step into greatness, become your calling and be part of a much larger spiritual evolution.

You will also learn these Core Practices.

These are some of the practices that will guide our process of unfolding and expanding throughout the year.

Embodiment Practices (Drawing from our experience with Qi Gong, Yoga, Shaking, TRE, Buddhist Tantra, Body Mind Centering, Movement Improvisation, Body Work)

Healing Practices (Drawing from our experience with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Bach Flower, Shamanic Journey, Forest bathing, sound healing, shadow work, Neo Tantra, Pranic Healing)

Intimacy and Bonding Practices (Drawing from our experience with David Cates Method, Buddhist Tantra, Tibetan Pulsing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Mantak Chia Multi Orgasmic practices )

Emotional Integration Practices (Drawing from our experience with Rebirthing Breathwork, OSHO Active Meditation)

Creative Expression Practices (5-Rhythm dancing, expressive writing, creative art, open stage)

Hands of People in a Group

What the course consists of?

Embodied Tantra Facilitator Certification Program includes

Admission to our Online Coaching Boot Camp where you’ll develop powerful embodied, relational, intimate & sexual Coaching skills. This is an immersive, weekend-long training where you will emerge as a working coach.

Live Weekly Mentoring Sessions where you’ll be personally mentored. This means that as soon as you start getting your first Coaching clients you’ll have access to expert coaching supervision and advice. Eight months access.

Live Weekly Coaching Practice Sessions. Gain coaching skills and experience as we teach you a new coaching strategy and match you with a coaching partner for valuable practice and learning. Eight months access.

Complete Coach Marketing System. This turnkey system includes everything you need to get started as an Embodied Tantra Coach, working in person or 100% online. Want to avoid the technical holdups and marketing-speak? This is the system that lets you focus on what you want most: being a coach! Even includes your own custom website.

Your Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training will allow you to work with couples, individuals , Parents and Families as a Coach following the basic Embodied  blueprint.

You get to be a part of an amazing tribe of people who share the same values and ethics from all over the world. This  program opens up the opportunity for you to work with International Clients.

Upon completing this training you will receive a Certificate for Completion, accounting for the number of hours in training and outlining the range and nature of skill development you were involved in, as well as commemorating the completion of field work.

Join a training community that will leave you feeling embodied and excited in your practice.

We've structured this program to be flexible & fluid, yet intimate & accountable. All training is delivered virtually so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Certification and Mentorship

A Certificate of Completion is offered to each participant who completes the four modules and the required integration tasks. This modality is recognized; registered by the International Institution of Complementary Therapies (IICT), making it the first of its kind training, worldwide.

For the participants who have completed the Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training there will be two options to apply for a mentorship program.

One option is to apply for mentorship in order to infuse their existing work with the principles and practices of Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training.

The other option is to apply for a role as an Embodied Tantra Facilitator in the future Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training and to become part of our team that is creating and running the training.

Program Details

This program is limited to 30 participants / year.

Dates : July 5th 2021

Early Bird Pricing ends in …


Worth $1,000 or Rs. 73,000

Early Bird Pricing (before March 15th 2021): $1272 or Rs.73,599 paid in full.

Payment Plan: Initial fee of Rs.25,000 followed by two payments of Rs.25,000 to be paid before July 30th 2021

Regular Pricing after March 15th 2021: $1908 or Rs.109,493 When paid in full.

Payment Plan: Rs.25,000 Non refundable fee 3 payments of Rs.29,500 to be paid before July 30th 2021.

Candidates are selected only based on interview process.

Early Bird Pricing

Total - $1272

Default Pricing

Total - $1900

4-days In Person Training, Goa, India

In person attendance is needed for certification. Cost of travel and accommodation is not included in the course fee. Dates to be announced in Nov.

The residential modules emphasize living in community with nature and each other. Accommodation and meals are provided. We encourage camping, but if this isn’t for you, don’t worry: there are beds! Cooking is also a communal affair, and the food is plentiful, healthy and vegetarian, with options for those on vegan and gluten-free diets.

Your Commitment

To participate in Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training you must be fully committed. To summarise, certification as an Embodied Tantra Facilitator Training requires the following:

Live attendance of boot camp (2 days – online)

Full attendance of  residential modules (4 days total)

Live attendance of at least four other webinars for each online module

Watching recordings of any webinars not attended

Approx. 3 hours of documented embodied practice a week, including a chosen core practice

1-2 additional hours each week, which includes: small group calls, practical and written work, reading texts and watching videos 1 hour per week of hours teaching/coaching practice

Passing a final practical exam (you’ll send us a video)

Paying course fees in full

You also commit to being teachable. Beginner’s mind is essential to get the most from EFC.

Our Team

Andrew McNamara - Spirituality Coach

Andrew McNamara is a practicing life coach with a psychology degree from the University of New Brunswick. He has a deep passion for learning the depths of the human heart and mind through studies of neurology, behavioral research, and cultural spirituality.  Mostly, he has a strong curiosity about life that propels him to learn and discover without prejudices and a sense of knowing it all. The best way to know new things is to know what you know you do not know.

Andrew brings his skills to help clients understand matters about their own mind, others and the world in a warm and instructive manner. He is an ally for the  LGBT2+, AA, fetish communities.


Dr. Deepa Mittal - Love and Relationship Coach

With a degree in law she ventured to become a  Naturopath Doctor along with learning various healing practices such as Bach Flowers, Crystals, Essential Oils, Indian Vedic Science of Tantra, Vastu  and astrology.

Training with the best teachers on spirituality she has come to intimately understand the interplay of physiology, energy & emotion in our body. She quotes the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna says “ Pain comes from three sources only

  1. Ourself
  2. Environment
  3. Cosmic

Using her extensive knowledge in healing she holistically uses Tantra , Bach Flower , crystals and aroma oils to heal oneself and uses the techniques of Vastu and astrology to heal our environment and cosmic energy. Her desire is to empower women & support them to step fully into their work & their passions in the most confident and authentic way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who complete the assessment competencies of the program are eligible to be registered as a “Embodied Tantra Facilitator”. This modality is recognized & registered by the International Institution of Complementary Therapies (IICT), a professional body for natural therapies & practitioners in most countries. As a graduate you will: + Receive a certificate of completion & endorsement + Be listed as a coach on our directory.

Yes, it is. Each module is designed with 3 complimentary streams of training (theory, coaching & personal mastery) to ensure you’re well rounded in all the necessary skills – and qualities – a professional coach requires.

This program is suitable for new coaches (no previous experience) AND existing practitioners. We’ve welcomed many existing-coaches & individuals with other therapeutic backgrounds looking to expand & deepen their skillset.

How to structure your coaching” component of your training offers you strong boundaries & the practical pieces of coaching along with authentically pricing for single sessions & packages. We do not dictate a “set price” for Embodied Tantra Coaching sessions, primarily because as a certified Embodied Tantra Coach you’ll be free to work your way – meaning you can weave this training with your other skills & gifts. It’s possible to charge from $100-200/hr up to $5000+ for coaching packages/journey’s with your clients.

Embodiment Tantra Coaching is a style of coaching that employs the skills of embodiment & Tantra Techniques. The core principles & practices can be extended to work with any individual or identity group. As a result of this training, you’ll be endorsed to work with clients of any gender identity, aged 18+ for coaching.

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