The Alchemical Process of Flow Meditation 

I have composed my work with Flow meditation in terms of an alchemical process. 

Through movement  we are able to give shape and expression to what wants and needs to emerge from within us, and enact it.

Between the mover and the movement something mysterious – gripling – something like magic seems to happen and through this intimate embrace the dance changes and the dancer is changed.

Movement  and the accompanying expressive arts become the medicine and the muse.

In this practice we are able to explore our past, present and what could be possible to cultivate in our future.

The body contains our entire life experience.

We could say that it is our home.As much as  our body houses our physical anatomy – bones, muscles, blood stream, organs and body parts – correspondingly contains feelings, emotions, memories, thoughts, past/present imprints and future potentials. 

Our physical bodies are not separate from our feelings and emotions, images, thoughts – our physical anatomy reflects the anatomy of our psyche.

What if our bodies can speak?

Head: The theme explored would include what I refer to as an archetypal myth of Masking and Unmasking.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands : Reach out, hold on, let go, carry.

Ribcase: Open and Close.

Abdomen: Digest, Eliminate, Assimilate.

Spine/back: Posture in life; what’s behind us, another kind of carrying.

Pelvis: Sexuality, life energy, issues regarding birth and death.

Legs and Feet: Balance/off balance , grounding/losing ground, taking a stand

Movement is the body’s first and primary language. Movement is a way for us to engage deeply with our inner landscape, and give outward expression to the entire range of human feelings, images and narratives.

In movement and art we can Mythologize and Enact  – rather than pathologize and analyze – our psyches are revealed in Poetic ways – our life experiences become dances, stories, poems, paintings to be made and to share – our sorrows and joys become songs to sing to listen and to  dance to.

We ask, what are we learning about our bodies, our movement and the messages revealed in our art? We ask, how is this art experience and art work connected to or reflective of other things in our  lives?

Who am I – how am I – where have I come from – who am I becoming – what is my relationship to others and the world around me-  In 3 primary art mediums: movement/ dance, visual art, and spoken, written and vocalized narrative.

We explore old and current challenges and through movement and the art processes we use new questions, resources and models for change are generated and embodied. 

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